Town Council

The Town Council is Oak Island’s governing body consisting of 5 Council Members and the Mayor. The Town Council sets the Town’s policy, enacts ordinances and adopts the annual budget. Council Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm at the Oak Island Town Hall, 4601 E. Oak Island Drive, and are open to the public.

The Town Council Regular and Special Meetings are broadcast on the local information TV channel 8: Tuesdays at 1 pm; Thursdays at 7 pm; Saturdays at 3 pm; Sundays at 2 pm; and midnight on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Videos of the meetings are also available on the Town’s YouTube channel.

Town Council Members

Sheila M. Bell, Councilor (910) 520-8508 12/2023

Charlie K. Blalock, Councilor (910) 274-5315 12/2023

Loman Scott, Councilor (910) 713-2018 12/2021

Jeff Winecoff, Mayor Pro Tempore (910) 278-3326 12/2023

John Bach 910-660-3146 12/2021

Ken Thomas – Mayor 910-840-2200 12/2021