If You Stay

  • REMEMBER! YOU WILL BE RISKING YOUR LIFE and will be placing individuals who stay with you in harm’s way. All emergency personnel may evacuate to the mainland and will not be available to provide services during the storm.
  • You will probably have no electric, television, water or sewer service. The Town of Oak Island may declare a State of Emergency and implement a curfew that will be enforced by law enforcement personnel.
  • LOOTERS AND SCAVENGERS will be apprehended and prosecuted to the full extent of the law!
  • PRICE GOUGING is prohibited by local ordinances, violators will be prosecuted!
  • SALE OF ALCOHOL is prohibited during curfew hours!
  • If a hurricane impacts our area, swimming or walking on the beach is not advisable due to possible contaminants and hidden debris!


The Brunswick County shelters may not all allow pets. Kennels or veterinarians may not have room unless prior arrangements are made.
Failure to provide for an animal’s well being or placing the animal in harm’s way may subject the owner to criminal charges.