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Evacuation Info

Oak Island Evacuation and Re-entry Checklist

As the Storm Approaches

  • Listen to local radio and television stations for storm reports. You may register for Brunswick County’s emergency/alert notification system by clicking here.
  • Secure and protect your property.
  • Plan where you will stay if an evacuation is ordered. The nearest public shelter is South Brunswick High School. (Note: Hotel/motel space is limited.)
  • Check your supply of batteries, water, canned foods and medication. Purchase what you will need.
  • Fill your vehicles with fuel.
  • Obtain necessary cash from the bank.
  • Plan how to care for pets. (Pets are only allowed at certain public shelters.)
  • If you are handicapped or have special needs, please register with Brunswick County Emergency Services.

When an Evacuation Is Ordered

  • Plan to be away from your home at least three days. Pack sufficient clothing, personal items, and needed prescription medications. If you are going to a public shelter, listen to the radio and TV for specific instructions on what you should bring.
  • Carry proof of residency with you, such as a driver’s license, property tax or recent utility bill or receipt, etc. Re-entry to the island may be limited to residents only. Carry insurance information and any other important papers.
  • Leave promptly. Do not wait until the weather gets bad, because the bridges may close.
  • If you are working off the island and need to return to evacuate your family, you will be allowed to do so if it is safe to cross the bridges.
  • Police will be patrolling the Towns of Oak Island and Caswell Beach to protect your property. Please follow their instructions.
  • Shut off and secure propane tanks before you evacuate.
  • Evacuations are generally ordered during daylight hours and take several hours to complete.
  • The order for evacuation will be publicized on local radio and TV stations, local radio, Oak Island’s TV Station on Cable Channel 8, and on the websites.
  • Emergency personnel may also broadcast evacuation information as they patrol. In some cases they may go door-to-door.
  • Inform a family member of your plans.
  • Turn off the water at the shut-off valve (not the Town’s meter) and electricity at the switch or fuse.
  • Lock your house.
  • Emergency information will also be updated on a message at (910) 201-8088 as needed and as Town staff is able, given the current conditions.

Brunswick County Evacuation Shelters

  • South Brunswick High School, 280 Cougar Drive/Route 87, Boiling Spring Lakes
  • North Brunswick High School, 114 Scorpion Drive, Leland
  • West Brunswick High School, 550 Whiteville Road, Shallotte
  • Shallotte Middle School, 225 Village Road, Shallotte
  • Leland Middle School, 927 Old Fayetteville Road, Leland
  • Waccamaw Elementary School, 180 Union School road, Ash
  • Union Primary School, 180 Union School Road, Shallotte
  • Lincoln Primary School, 1664 Lincoln Road, Leland
  • Bolivia Elementary School, 4036 US 17-Business, Bolivia
  • South Brunswick Middle School, 100 Cougar Drive/Route 87, Boiling Spring Lakes

Take clothing, medications, sleeping items, books. NO alcohol is allowed. Only some of the Brunswick County shelters will allow pets.