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Become a Beach Ambassador

Would you like to be a Beach Ambassador? Read the information below and if you are interested, please fill out an application and return it to the Public Works Department.


Individuals interested in becoming a Beach Ambassador must:

  • Complete an Application and submit to the Public Works Department
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Complete a formal application and be interviewed by the program manager
  • Submit to a background check at the expense of the Town
  • Have personal stamina and mobility
  • Be outgoing, helpful and friendly to visitors
  • Have a positive approach to the protection of the beach as well as the value of beach tourism
  • Demonstrate maturity in personal encounters
  • Assume all liability for personal injury, illness or accident arising from participation
  • Be willing to be a team player.


Upon completion of the application, all prospective ambassadors will be invited to the initial training session, at which time forms will be provided for agreement to the background check. The training session will take place in April. Training will include the language and intent of the beach ordinances, simulated encounters with beach visitors, both positive and negative, and tutorials on the key targeted Town ordinances. Emphasis will be on tactful approaches to encouraging appropriate beach behavior.  Guidelines will be given to handle issues that may fall outside of the scope of the beach ambassador’s responsibility.

After the training, interviews and background checks, new Ambassadors will be notified to pick up identification gear, patrol team assignment and supplies at Town Hall during a designated week before patrols begin.

Beach Ambassadors explain to beachgoers that Oak Island dune and beach protection ordinances don’t allow equipment such as chairs and tents to be stored or used in the dunes and that holes dug on the beach must be filled in.