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Code Enforcement

Code enforcement is an integral part of the services that the Development Services Department provides. Monthly code enforcement reports are included in the regular monthly Town Council agenda packets and can be viewed there. The monthly code enforcement reports breaks down the total number of new and closed code enforcement violations by type for each month and additional information such as trends, inspections, site visits, citations, etc… are also included. The code enforcement process can vary depending on the type of code violation, past site history, and various other factors.Typically a courtesy letter is issued giving ten day time period to comply, if no abatement is made after ten days then a 2nd more formal terse notice is mailed detailing a firm ten day date before citations ensue. Finally, if the violation is still not corrected after that time frame a final third notice with the citation is sent to the tax address via certified return receipt mail. The fines are typically $50 dollars each day the code violation continues to exist without being resolved.

The most common types of violations we typically enforce are: trash & debri, spikes of high grass in the summer,  trash in the right-of-way, junk vehicles, unsafe structures, work without permit, hazardous trees, and then a miscellaneous assortment of other things. The majority of the nuisance abatement ordinances with the Town of Oak Island Code of Ordinances is located in Chapter 14 – Article II; Nuisances and can be found on the town’s website. The town cannot do code enforcement in the ETJ (Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction), the zoning ordinance, building codes and the floodplain ordinance but if there is a code enforcement issue, the resident has to call Brunswick County according to the state general statutes.

Temporary and portable signs such as real-estate signs, feather flag signs, A-frame/sandwich board signs, and the like are not allowed within the road right-of-way and staff regularly performs sign sweeps to remove such signage. Please only place such signage on private property, town staff will not such signs within their property lines.

In 2015 there were approximately 75 code enforcement cases based on the records kept at that time. In in 2016 there were a total of 214 opened cases and 128 closed cases. In 2017 total numbers were 365 closed cases and 489 new cases. So with 260 working days in 2017, that an average of nearly 2 (1.8) new code violations started each work day. So far for 2018 we are looking good with our code enforcement numbers and may have another record year.