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****Click here for the Emergency Sand Pushing Permit Application Packet for Beachfront Property Owners

What zoning district is my property located in? What kind of development is allowed on my property? What are the regulations for accessory structures and pool? What setbacks apply to me? These are the types of questions and answers you can find on our FAQ.

Help keep Oak Island clean – please check out this flyer to see what you can do. Refuse and trash are not allowed in the right-of-way and is not picked up. 

The Development Services Department is responsible for ensuring that all development, including residential and nonresidential, complies with the State Building Codes, CAMA requirements, FEMA requirements, fire codes, zoning and all other local ordinances. The Town is currently working on drafting a Unified Development Ordinance. Click here to see sections of the draft UDO as they are released and the draft Comprehensive Plan.

The Department handles the following functions for the community:

  • Review, approve, and issue building, CAMA, and zoning permits.
  • Provide inspections of all permits issued including maintenance of all files associated with the permits and permitting process.
  • Provide Code Enforcement to enforce the requirements of the local Zoning Ordinances and other codes for the Town.
  • Review and make recommendations for citizens’ requests and/or text amendments to the Zoning Ordinance.
  • Manage the Hurricane Response Team, which serves to assess damage incurred by the Town following a hurricane. The Department then collates the data, analyzes the information, and creates a report for the Town and Federal Government agencies.
  • Operate the Community Rating Service for the Town, which ensures that the Town complies with federal requirements for Hurricane and Flood Protection in order for the property owners to receive discounts on their insurance rates.
  • Provide periodical articles and brochures concerning hurricane preparedness, building requirements, flood damage, and zoning requirements for the community.
  • Work with Planning Board and Board of Adjustment

The Southeastern Hazard Mitigation Plan can be found here. The Town of Oak Island is incorporated within this regional plan.

The Town of Oak Island zoning map can be found as a PDF on the link to the left or can be viewed here below as an interactive map.