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Environmental Advisory Committee

The Oak Island Environmental Advisory Committee was formed at the request of Council in 2012  to combine four then existing entities: Estuarine Shoreline Stabilization Committee (identify and make recommendations to stabilize and protect our estuary system); Green Initiative Advisory Board (study and recommend methods whereby both the Town and its citizens can use fewer non-renewable resources); Stormwater Advisory Board (implement a State mandated function of  providing public education and outreach through education in the best practices in the prevention of storm water pollution); Tree City USA Advisory Board (strives to maintain the character of Oak Island through the preservation of trees and our existing canopy and maintain Tree City certification).

The Committee is to advise the Town on the adaptation and application of appropriate policies which support land uses that enhance, protect, maintain and preserve natural resources and environmentally fragile areas. Specifically, the Committee is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of our island’s unique and fragile ecosystem.  The Committee approaches this task through education of Town residents, including the organization of events such as marsh pick-ups, the construction of rain gardens, continuing to meet Tree City USA reporting requirements, achieving Green Initiative objectives, assisting Town Staff in the preparation of the stormwater permit, monitoring existing conditions and identifying areas of environmental concern and proposing remediation for those areas.

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