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Statement regarding RFP for restaurant at the Oak Island Pier

As there is a pending lawsuit with the current pier operator/lease holder, the Town Attorney has advised us to refrain from commenting about the Pier Lease other than to issue the following:

  1. North Carolina law forbids leasing municipal property for a period of 10 or more years without treating the property in the same manner as if the Town was going to sell the property; selling municipal property requires adherence to certain statutory mandates such as advertising and an upset bid procedures.
  2. The current lease was approved in 2009 for the Pier property which included the restaurant.
  3. The lease included two extension options and the tenant exercised both of those extensions so as to keep the lease to a maximum of less than 10 years. There are no additional extension options, and the lease for the Pier and the restaurant expires March 31, 2018.
  4. The Town is not seeking proposals for Pier operations at this time as the Pier is currently being demolished and will be rebuilt.
  5. The Town has issued a Request for Proposals for operating the restaurant, as a restaurant can be operated while the Pier is under construction. There is not a lease with the current restaurant operator, as the lease which is expiring is for the Pier, and the restaurant.
  6. When a municipality seeks services, it is required in most instances to advertise for proposals; municipalities may also request proposals for services such as these; and
  7. The Town encourages anyone with an interest in operating the restaurant to submit a proposal.